Forget about political correctness.


So, one of the most famous series had a great movie out back in the 80’s. This had evert=ything you could ask for in a movie, racism child abuse, and restraining. I remember this movie and the plane scene was famous, Back then I had no Idea who John Lithgow was. I didn’t know Dan Ackroyd was in it. TWZ2 He was a person that was tied in the beginning and the end.

There were 4 different stories in the movie Each of them had the twist ending like the series. The first was a guy who was pissed that a Jew got his job promotion  Well, time to dish out some of his own medicine. He was trapped in Germany during the Nazi era.TWZ1 He sure can move around pretty well when getting shot. >O< He then vists the KKK and Vietnam. The moral is DOnt be so quick to judge others, we all have had our struggles.

Next story was a nice one an old man goes from home to home and teaches people to live a full life in their heads no matter how old there are. TWZ3 I have always liked this character. He was in The Shining and unfortunately died at the hands of Jack Torrance.

The next story is about a kid who was thrown down by an adult and ran over by a car. I would have done the same thing as the kid.  He lures a woman to his house and turned out does creepy things to the family. TWZ 5 People without mouths are ALWAYS creepy no matter what. when the house blows up and the kid and the woman run off. Lucky him: LOL.,

Oh man the plane, didn’t this just tank the travel industry? It’s beyond me. Seeing a demon on the wing of a plane destroying the turbine, maybe worse than being up a passenger 😉 lol John Lithgow was a great performer. TWZ4 of course, he’s crazy and no one believes, well he makes it down and ends up in an ambulance. with Dan Ackroyd  Ohh the fifth Dimension.



Soo Warm, Soo Juicty


There was a time right after high school I wanted to move to the east coast.  Seems to be exciting, New scene, new people. I grew up in Seattle so this would have been a whole new experience for me.  I’d like to say there are a few movies that come into play, regarding the east coast, One is Jason Takes Manhattan ( which I will get into later. The other is Grave Yard Shift. Grave yard shift 1

This is about a drifter who stumbles across a job in a cotton factory. In this factory is a convenient rat problem.  This is where I learned a few things like sling shooting beer cans at rats. Graveyard shift 4 Man, this was one of my favorite scenes, this was a point in my life when I was up for anything. so yes I did try this. There were some classic lines in this movie. One that sticks out is when the exterminator was talking about the rats in the place and pauses to say ” I ain’t one of those baby burning flashback fuck up, so quite your grinning.” That was one of the best by Brad Dourif. Amazing stuff. Graveyard shift 2The boss was pretty good, He was a mean selfish Summabitch, but a great actor I though. The ultimate Cheese dick move you could do in a horror movie is pushing someone in the way of the bad monster to save your life, and yes Warwick did just that. Grave yard shift 3

Overall this movie was a good story, the monster was kinda lame, but its really hard to pull off a good monster in a movie especially Steven King. But man this is great enjoyment.

Graveyard Shift

A New view for this blog


Every couple of days I will review a movie on here, let me know of any suggestions.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre…LIVE!!!!!


10659163_10201859611532475_7849926646767129048_nNovember 1, 2014 was a day that will go down in Horror movie Hall Of Fame. We were told that the house where the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was about a hour away from our house. We decided to take a trip out to see this house, the drive was quite a ways out there and we were feeling like we would miss it.  About 1 hour into the drive we decided to stop at a gas station to get directions ( typical horror movie movie right there.) the guy had no idea of where country road 336 was, this was were the house was. Using google maps we finally found where the road was and it was about 15 minutes away.  Passing though a town called Taylor, all I could think about was a corrupt town ran by hillbillies that lured people to the house and eat them.  Finally arriving at the house we saw this sigh 10689765_10205303913187032_6164725781381627497_n This was at the beginning of the driveway and it put a little damper on our adventure. Though we could not venture into the house, you can still feel the energy of the place. Fiction or not it is a crazy story, and you can feel the energy of the place. I wanted to cross the lines so bad it was hard to contain myself.  1381743_10201859611732480_8121449647750517038_n Our Friends went with us and they feared for their lives. This will go down as a great adventure of our time in Texas.

This was a movie I finally saw in the theatre


images-2Halloween is a staple in the horror world, and in the Halloween world. It is a movie about a mysterious killer after his little sister. This was a movie that was a guarantee on the tv line up for the halloween season. This is a movie that was  scary every time when we were kids. Still was, I had the opportunity to watch this movie on the big screen and it was quite a treat. imgresMichael myers is a horror Icon, and what makes him so scary? Is it the fact that he doesn’t talk? You don’t really see his face? Growing up Halloween was know as the horror that started the series of movies. When Halloween 2 cane out it was a good extension of the first movie. After that it takes a life of its own. imgres Jamie Lee Curtis was the star in the movie and it was a time when the teen age girls were like 21 or so, under age drinking was common and so was sex. Jamie teaches you how to talk to a cop while stones. That is quite a talent.

Home Sweet Home


images-1July of 2013 we moved to Austin Texas, We moved to Travis County, Buda Texas. This movie is a staple in horror movies and the original was a scary 70’s movie that had people at the end of their seats. Sometime ago I recorded this movie on vhs. I would watch it about once a month, and be freaked out every time. Texas Chainsaw was based on a story of a serial killer named Ed Gien, a real life killer. imgresLeather face was a deranged killer just protecting his family. I would say that the Hewitt family was very close and we all should learn a lesson about family values from them. The beginning scenes from both the original and the remake is a great reminder that we should never pick up hitchhikers,images unless you me and have to walk 30 miles back home and no one would pick you up. Sometimes this movie would remind me of a little town Star, Idaho. This was a movie that made you think it was real life experience.